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Sin Census / Party Wives

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Brian Reynolds hired men - but it was their wives he wanted . . . and their wives he took in any way that struck his lustful fancy! Not playing to his torrid bedroom tune meant no paychecks for his tortured employees, and the melody ranged the scale of sin from the deepest blue notes of desire to the highest pitch of passion. From coast-to coast the tireless lover plied his passion trade for all the bedtime profits the traffic would bear - while wronged husbands seethed and their wanton mates begged for more - until the final wicked pay-off from too many women for sale!

They have the big houses . . . the big cars . . . the lush backyard swimming pools. They also have the husbands - other women's husbands, that is - more important husbands than their own, whom they married only "till lust us do part . . ." They're the wives of the young corporation executives - mean on the brink of success, needing just that little extra push to put them over. It's the kind of push a wife can give if she's lovely enough and willing to be the wife of the party and trade shares in passion for an interest in the Organization. So this was the inner voice Nora could not resist.

Paperback Editions

December 2019 : Canada Paperback

Title: Sin Census / Party Wives
Author(s): Don Holliday, Jim Layne
ISBN: 1-989702-07-4 / 978-1-989702-07-9 (Canada edition)
Publisher: Ferox Press
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