book cover of Good Girl

Good Girl

(A book in the Blue Collar Bad Boys series)
A novel by

Virginia Constance Kramer is a good girl. Until she meets the man that makes her want to be bad....

He's got a record; she's never been so much as grounded.

His old man is a convict; her dad is the police sergeant.

He's seen too much darkness; she can barely see out of the stained-glass curtain the world wants her to hide behind.

She's willing to fight her parents, the town, and the whole world if she has to, but first she has to get past the wall Joe Franklin has built around his heart. He thinks she's too good, too sweet, too pure for a man like him.

She thinks being good is overrated.

Author confession: This is a slower burn romance than you might be used to from me, but I promise Virginia and Joe are supercouple material. It's the classic opposites attract, good girl/bad boy, other side of the tracks, her first time tropey goodness you need in your life. You know how sometimes it feels like nobody sees the real you? Well Joe really sees Ginny. He may be rough on the exterior, but he's the only one who understands how much pain she's in as her family grieves the death of her little sister. Watch him grow into an alphamallow right before your eyes.

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