book cover of Banged


(The ninth book in the Blue Collar Bad Boys series)
A novel by

He's a warrior with no battle. A cop with no bad guy. A man with no purpose.When my best friend and ERU partner was blown up by a bomb I should have been able to defuse, I vowed to never let anyone get that close again. I'm just drifting through life, and that's okay with me. If I can't feel, I can't hurt.Until I meet my neighbor.I've been doing my best to avoid the too-pretty pregnant girl next door. She stirs too many things inside me I have no business feeling. She's too young, too fresh, too pregnant with someone else's kid for me to be fantasizing about.Until the day I can't ignore her anymore.Hillary is a born caretaker, but nobody takes care of her. She's alone in the world, but not for much longer, not with the way that baby dances in her belly. She's all the things I try to stay away from - optimistic, uncommonly sweet, and oh, yeah, she's somehow still a virgin.Author's Confession: You read that right. She's a pregnant virgin. I probably don't need to say anything else to get you to one-click at this point, but I'll go ahead and tell you the bomb technician will make your heart go BOOM. He's the alpha caretaker you want guarding your six. And your nine...

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