book cover of Shake the Spirit (Rawkfist MC

Shake the Spirit (Rawkfist MC

(The third book in the Rawkfist MC: 2nd Gen series)
A novel by


Dream girl: Oana Cotham
Bruiser in pursuit: Ike Mooney
Proud parents: Donovan and Journey Mooney (Snake Charmer)

A bruiser like Ike Mooney doesn’t say much, allowing his size and punches to do the talking. One night, while blitzed on too much moonshine, he encountered an enchanting woman in the moonlit woods. After sobering up, he couldn’t be sure his dream woman was real.

Oana Cotham grew up in the stranglehold of her rigid family and church. She ached to break free and go wild. When Oana met a gorgeous man in the woods during one of her secret midnight walks, he stole her heart and filled her head with dreams.

But he never returned to her.

After her family pressures her to marry a man from church, Oana finally stumbles upon an opportunity to confront her moonlight hunk. To her relief, Ike proposes marriage on the spot.

Running off against the wishes of their families, these two strangers plan to build their forever.
Begging the question, what happens when the sun is up and Ike’s heart is sober?

“Shake the Spirit” contains graphic sexual content, violent situations, harsh language, and alcohol/weed use. The book is only appropriate for adult readers aged 18+.

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