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First Blush of Love Box Set

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Get this sensual collection of first novellas in bestselling series that have graced the top 10 lists of Barnes and Noble and Amazon Top 100.

MYSTERIOUS DESIRE - Shy and innocent Liz Turner is trying to pay for college, and moonlights as a maid in a swanky hotel. But when a devastatingly handsome stranger barges into the men's restroom she's trying to clean, violent sparks ignite the libido she never knew she had.

She finds out that he is Alexander Vassar - half-American entrepreneur, Harvard graduate . . . and a European crown prince engaged to be married to someone else. But Alex seems to mysteriously desire her and only her.

HIS INDECENT PROPOSITION - Hardworking Susan Chalmers is 29 years old, ambitious, and desperate to be promoted to Vice-President, but her hated company rival is getting an edge on her with the boss.

Then Channing Crawford - the reclusive billionaire company CEO - makes her an indecent proposition. For one week, she must submit to his every sexual command - no matter how bizarre and foreign to her sensibilities. In return, he will give her what she craves.

THE PRETEND BOYFRIEND - Samantha Fox is awkward, clumsy and totally in need of a new boyfriend by this weekend. Her younger, prettier sister is getting engaged . . . and all set to make "old maid big sister" Sam feel all crummy and shelved.

Enter Brian Morton. He is bewilderingly gorgeous bully who made Sam's middle school life a living hell. A series of bizarre circumstances culminates in Brian losing a bet. His punishment? To be Sam's slave for the weekend . . . and to do anything she wants.

HER FIRST DELICATE PIERCING - Jenny is terribly afraid. Her control freak of a boyfriend, John, wants her to get a ring in a very intimate area. She wants to please him, and yet she is afraid of the actual piercing and its ramifications.

THE ALPHA MEN'S SECRET CLUB - Plus-sized Kate Penney can only admire her strikingly handsome college Professor, Rust O'Brien, from the darkness of a crowded lecture hall, steeped in the knowledge that he would never, ever look at someone like her.

Then her best friend, Michaela, chances upon a secret fraternity the Professor appears to part of: THE ALPHA MEN'S CLUB. On first glance, the club simply doesn't exist. Then Kate trails Rust O'Brien to this club one night. What she encounters is a scorchingly hot adventure of domination, mystery, and alpha males who all seem to want only two things: her body and her absolute surrender.

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July 2015 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: First Blush of Love Box Set: A Sexy Collection of Firsts
Author(s): Aphrodite Hunt, Dawn Steele
Publisher: Hot, Sassy, and Desired Press
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU