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Blindfolded and Spread-eagled

(The second book in the Initiation series)
A Novella by


Shy freshman Gina Wesley has passed Level One of her initiation. Now gorgeous Max Devlin is passing her through the hoops . . . and clitoris clamps . . . of Level Two.

Gina must now play a guessing game with her mouth and other lovely holes . . . involving a blindfold, a salami and the three very huge and rock-hard cocks of Max's friends.

This is Book Two of the Initiation series.


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"Who do we have here?" the black youth growls softly.

All three roam their eyes over my protuberant nipples and the lines of my tight skirt.

"A freshman in need of initiation." Devlin grins, squeezing my right buttock underneath the slithery material of my skirt. "Her name is Gina but I prefer to call her Gia. Gia, meet Thomas . . . "

The goateed man nods, smiling lasciviously.

" . . . Santos . . . and Grady."

Thomas scoots into the far end of his berth while Santos and Grady continue to lounge on the other side, grinning.

"Surely you don't need an invitation." Thomas pats the empty seat beside him.

Devlin motions at me to sit. My pulse hammers my throat as I slide my buttocks across the hard seat. Devlin gets in after me. I'm hemmed in by Thomas on my right and Devlin on the other. The beads of my clit clamp click softly like miniature castanets.

"That's not how you sit, freshman." Devlin's voice is suddenly hard.

He makes me raise my buttocks. Then he lifts the back of my skirt and makes me sit down again. This time, my entire ass and pussy are in contact with the torn and dirty seat. A particularly sharp edge of a peeling hole, sprouting old and yellowed foam, digs into the skin of my anus.

"Open your legs," Devlin commands.

I hasten to obey. The grins on the faces of the youths spread wider. Thomas grabs my right thigh as it brushes against him.

"Put it right here, baby," he whispers. He vaults my right leg across his lap so that it is hooked around his left knee. His hand rests on the soft underside of my right thigh.

"So smooth," he murmurs, stroking my silky, milk-white skin, "so virginal."

A shudder ripples through me.

Devlin repeats this with my left leg, so that I'm spread-eagled in the middle between them. The berth is placed a fair distance from the table, so that whatever wares I'm displaying can be clearly seen by Santos and Grady from across. The overhead lamp is yellow and stark. The light throws my mount into relief. My pussy - soaking in its own juices - is once again exposed . . . to three strangers this time, not just Devlin.

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Title: Blindfolded and Spread-eagled (The Initiation Book 2)
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