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Reggie, Lauryn, and Nadia are a "throuple," three people involved in a romantic relationship.
Too handsome for his own good, Reggie has always enjoyed the attention of women. He believes that a plural marriage is the black man's birthright and although he's pleased with the polygamous arrangement, Lauryn and Nadia are in constant conflict.
Lauryn considers Reggie to be her dream man, but the dream is slowly becoming a waking nightmare. Secretly battling depression and anxiety, Lauryn is having a hard time coping with the lifestyle. She convinces herself that her continual unhappiness and debilitating anxiety will magically go away if only she can get rid of Nadia.
When Reggie rescues Nadia from an abusive boyfriend she falls hard for him and considers him her hero. Out of a sense of gratitude she embraces polygamy and tries hard to get along with Lauryn, no matter the cost to her self-respect.
It's bad enough that the co-wives have to share Reggie, but what else will he ask them to share? How far will the two women push their personal boundaries before they blur the lines of sexual freedom and human decency for the love of a man?