book cover of Munch 3

Munch 3

(The third book in the Munch series)
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Juggling three different women is surprisingly easy for Munch, especially since two of the women - Brittney and Egypt - are temporary side pieces that he's taking care of until his best friend, Blake gets out of jail.
Teaona is his main chick and the one who holds the key to his heart, and he's looking forward to enjoying a monogamous relationship with her in the near future. Unfortunately Teaona has other ideas, and when she introduces her own side piece into the equation, Munch is devastated.
Doing what he always does to avoid heartache, he rushes into a brand new relationship with Skye, a sweet church girl who initially seems like a safe bet, but over time reveals that she is dealing with serious issues of her own. Issues that threaten her and Munch's safety and could destroy the life they're building together.
Can two damaged people forge a bond that is healing for both of them or is the union a recipe for disaster that will leave them both worse off than before they met?