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Munch 2

(The second book in the Munch series)
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Although Munch has settled down with his stepmother, Sarge and his first love, Rosita, the honeymoon phase for this unlikely trio is over, and Munch is back on the prowl.

Constantly out in the streets, feeding his addiction and satisfying his taste buds, he meets a lot of women in the course of a day, and he has come to appreciate feminine beauty in all of its forms: young, mature, willowy, curvaceous, redhead, brunette, petite, buxom, slender, and voluptuous. According to Munch, there are no unattractive women.

He spends a portion of everyday hanging in the strip club where his best friend manages a dancer named Egypt. Although the dressing room at the strip club is off limits to the male clientele, Munch, with his special talent, is always welcome inside.
Popular with the ladies, Munch has a variety of friends with benefits, and he has no intention of ever settling down. But after a chance encounter with a wounded soul, a woman who very much reminds him of himself, he reexamines his lifestyle and wonders if it's finally time to embrace monogamy.

But life is never simple, and the moment Munch is ready to commit, he's forced to make a choice that will forever change his perspective of intimate relationships and the meaning of love.

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July 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: MUNCH 2
Author(s): Allison Hobbs
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