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A Filthy Romance

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Readers were introduced to Teaona in Munch 2, and now her backstory unfolds.
Teaona continuously gets involved in dead-end relationships. Despite the fact that no one has ever bothered to put a ring on her finger, she refers to every temporary lover as her "fiance." Her low self-esteem stems from the emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her heartless stepmother during her childhood. When she meets sophisticated businessman, Kevin Talmadge, she believes that she has finally found the right one. When Kevin begins to show his dark side, Teaona willingly submits to all of his kinky desires. Over time, she begins to lose all sense of where love ends and abuse begins.
She's on a path of destruction until a one-night stand morphs into an unconventional relationship with a thoughtful and caring man. But will a good man be enough for Teaona? Or will she always yearn for the thrill of being pushed to the limits of her sexuality?

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