book cover of A Velvet Kiss After Dark

A Velvet Kiss After Dark

(The fifth book in the Untouchables series)
A novel by

When clever gossip columnist Tabitha Burke accidentally finds herself in Hell alongside werewolf mercenary Kane Gunner, she has no choice but to overcome hardships she’s never experienced in her colorful life as a writer. Brutal desert terrain, terrifying sand serpents, fire-breathing dragons, and Infernas demons leave Tabitha learning there’s more grit to her than she ever thought possible. Can she make it out of Hell alive—and can she trust her heart in the hands of the mercenary whose beast yearns for her as much as she aches for him?

Kane Gunner keeps no friends and even fewer lovers. When his Alpha, Zeke Hunter, reveals the reason why Kane struggles to keep away from the fragile human gossip columnist, Kane is staggered to his core. A beloved mate to call his own? The bad part is she's human, and he's a renegade killer for hire. Kane had long thought tales of Fated Mates were of myth and lore. His sequestered life and dangerous occupation have kept him out of the loop of werewolf affairs for far too long. To claim Tabitha as wife and mate, he must gain his Alpha's permission. Zeke will give it under one premise: go to Hell, obtain the Relic of Souls, and return to him within three days. With a gathered team of trained killers, werewolf and vampire alike, Kane prepares and leaves for Hell—only to find Tabitha stumbling in after him.

It'll take more strength than Kane ever thought possible to keep Tabitha alive long enough for him to reveal the truth to her—that she is his mate, and he'll never want another!!!

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