book cover of Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind

(The third book in the Bellum Sisters series)
A novel by

Four Fates. Four Sisters. Flowery succubus Lily Bellum keeps many secrets, even from those she loves most. With a determination and mindset that only she can help the blue-haired, golden-skinned demon warlord Telal Demuzi - she sets off on a journey to join him in his cause for demon's rights. Whether he likes it or not. Lily can't help but adore Telal's serious standoffishness and business-like demeanor. Lily would like nothing more than to get the tight-lipped demon to open up one smile, kiss, and touch at a time.

Demon royalty, Telal's years of planning are finally coming to fruition - he is going to open the rift - the layer that that separates the demonic realm from the human realm. Once a betrayer of his magical people, Telal has successfully traversed his way in the human world and become a large-scale arms dealer for any creatures willing to pay the price. But one man stands in the way from him opening the rift; one man who's turned out to be a dark and sinister version of the boy he once knew, his very own brother. While Telal struggles to get the rift open, to free his people, he finds himself lost in the sweet wiles of Lily Bellum, a distracting and irritatingly infuriating woman who does nothing but stir chaos around him. Telal and Lily get wrapped up in a world of dark magic, love, betrayal, and murder in the greatest journey of their lives.

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