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Teach Me Tender, Teach Me Rough

A novel by

Psychology student Cameron Blaine sees the ruthless Victor Cabrini as a subject fit to be studied. Victor thinks Cameron is fit to be his latest plaything, collared and naked at his feet. Her body will be his, but what about her heart? Cameron's fiancé Craig thinks he is strong enough to win her back but how can he compete with a man who takes everything from his women, giving nothing in return? Beautiful Chloe could walk the runways of Paris, but instead she crawls nightly into a tiny cage at Victor's club after dancing herself to exhaustion for the pleasure of his sadistic friends. Veronica is married to a rich man and has the world at her feet but she lives only to be Victor's whore, surrendering her body to pain and abuse at his slightest whim. And then there is the enigmatic and fiery Rachel who is at once Victor's protégé and the cruel recipient of his most severe punishments. One by one, under Victor's orders, the women seduce Cameron, determining once and for all her place in his world. She is powerless to resist the onslaught, but out of her extraordinary surrender will come a threat Victor has never known, namely the power of tenderness. Will Victor maintain the upper hand or will master and slave both be undone in a whirlwind of love and sacrifice and pain? A scorching new tale from a master of BDSM Erotica.