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Slaves of Vengeance

A novel by

Danielle is rightfully proud of her firm, young body. She enjoys thinking of her future as a haughty fashion model. But Gustav, an infamous flesh trader, has other ideas. Summoned to a private modeling 'interview' at the kinky Girly Girl modeling studio, the naive Danielle soon finds herself stripped of her clothes and humiliated by the mesmerizing Gustav. Scared to death, but too dazed to run, she becomes like putty in this man's hands as he savagely uses her. Despite her defiant nature, she can't resist him, even when she learns that she's been marked for Gustav's white slave trade. And yet, this sly man wants something far more profound than her slavery. Unbeknownst to Danielle, her mother was once Gustav's lover, almost his wife. But twenty years before, she slipped through his hands. With the daughter under his control, he wants the mother too, and he'll use Danielle as his bait to bring the proud Catarina back to him. He captures both women's bodies with ruthless efficiency, but is it possible that they can succeed in doing what none before has ever managed and tame this beastly man?