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Seria's Star Warrior

(The second book in the More Than Male series)
A novel by

" Book 2 in the More Than Male series

Raylar is a primale soldier - a genetically engineered superman - dealing with the psychic wounds of a lost battle and chomping at the bit to get back into action.

When he is called upon to escort a diplomat to her next post halfway across the universe, the no-nonsense Raylar considers it a fate worse than death. What he cannot know is that Seria is his intended mate, the submissive who will complete his dominant soul and heal his pain.

Seria is a career diplomat for the Galactic Council and has just learned of this truth herself. She has been commanded by the highest authorities to seduce the stubborn young warrior. She is hopelessly attracted to this gorgeous primale who is meant to be her lord, but she is terrified to lose her identity to his fearsome will.

Passion inevitably erupts, but matters are horrifically complicated when the deadly Narthian horde threatens Seria. Now Raylar must fight to save her while battling emotions he neither wants nor understands. It is a battle of sexual desire against pain, and love over despair, in a universe with little margin for error."