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Roping His Filly

(The first book in the Filly series)
A novel by

Jilly Cartwright is a pretty, sassy young woman who wants to settle down, raise a family and finish her nursing degree. Doug Bluefield is perfect husband material - conventionally handsome, with a great future in insurance. Everything looks mapped out until Jilly's old flame shows up.Rodeo cowboy Jake Waylon is as sexy as sin, and he has no intention of giving up the woman he calls his little cowgirl. Jilly tries to say no, but Jake turns up the heat, employing some heavy-duty kink. Jilly ends up over the man's knees, bearing his spankings as well as a healthy dose of "torture" from his bag of sexual toys.Jilly knows that she has to keep her head and marry Mr. Right. She does not want to end up as Jake's plaything, his panting cowgirl, at his beck and call for the rest of her life. There's only one weapon that might bring him down, and that's love. Jilly could wield it against him, but she might not like the price she has to pay. It's a battle of wills and libidos as the gorgeous Jake sets about - once and for all - roping his filly.