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Punishing Pamela

A novel by

Pamela Haley is the sexy new English teacher at Ivy Dell Academy. She plans to be tough, but a group of her eighteen-year old seniors turn the tables by producing sordid photographs from her past. Pretty blonde Pamela was just eighteen herself when her mother's evil boyfriend sold her as a sex toy, but now she must pay the price for her tawdry past by serving the cruel whims of her sadistic blackmailing students. Things go from bad to worse when Lorenzo, her former pimp and master, shows up and decides he wants Pamela back in the business. The lovely teacher is rapidly reduced to a squirming sex toy, craving the very abuse heaped upon her. Her only hope lies in the handsome school principal Tom Rains. Tom agrees to help her, but he has a price of his own. Six months ago he longed to walk down the aisle with Pamela, but now it may be the auction block he wants to see her on. Will Pamela win her freedom?