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Mastering Melanie

A novel by

Falsely accused of murder in New York, beautiful society girl Melanie hopes for a fresh start in the Wild West. Her hopes are dashed, however, as she encounters a series of men intent on exploiting her ripe young body for their deviant pleasures. Escaping near rape at the hand of stagecoach robbers, the twenty-two year old blonde finds herself in the clutches of a corrupt sheriff who blackmails her into being a nightly poker game prize. Among the town's other residents are a lecherous doctor with a taste for leather, a perverted judge who enjoys taking the young beauty over his knee, and the 'student' she's supposed to teach - eighteen year old Zech, who may be slow at reading, but he knows how to handle females! The boy blackmails her into performing humiliating acts, threatening to tell his grandfather she is a bad teacher - which will only mean more punishment. Things go from bad to worse when Melanie is captured by Indians. And though a cavalry colonel eventually rescues her, instead of setting her free, he sends her to a special ranch where wealthy and powerful men are entertained by human ponies. Her only hope of escape from a life of degradation and misery lies in a dangerous and handsome US marshal who's vowed to make Melanie his own. Will the beautiful blonde find true love in the arms of the deadly lawman or will she find herself subject to a more permanent and terrible form of servitude?