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If You Love Me

A novel by

Catia's mother Julyana must give her body nightly to the secret police to keep them both out of prison in the brutal land of Voldovia. She has hopes for freedom following a democratic revolution, but when Julyana is branded a collaborator, she finds she must serve an even more vicious set of masters. Catia, just eighteen, falls for Ulexi, the sadistic leader of one of the new street gangs. He makes her play a game of wicked dares called 'If You Love Me.' At one point she must show her sex to a pair of policemen who take her to a warehouse where they work over her ripe young body. Ulexi uses Catia in a plan to steal from Ivan, a brutal mob boss. But the plan backfires and Catia is sold into sexual slavery. The proud Catia must service dozens of men a day, chained to a mattress, and when she disobeys her owner Sergei and his cruel pet Nadia, she finds herself alone and naked in the Hole.