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Exposing Victoria

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Exposing VictoriaReese GabrielSequel to Commanding Kat, but may be read as a stand-alone title.Shane has faced his share of battles but nothing like the spunky Victoria. He'll do anything to possess her beautiful body.Vicky is determined to make sure Shane is no more than a one-night stand but when the handsome hunk guesses her secret fantasy, an all-out war ensues. Vicky is an exhibitionist and Shane is just the man to light her on fire. The threat of discovery turns her on. Nowhere is off limits for their pulse-pounding lovemaking. From beaches to offices to a back alley at midnight, they can't get enough of each other.She's never had a man satisfy her so well, but Shane has to fight to keep the upper hand and keep Vicky coming back for more.