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Enslaving Erica

A novel by

FROM BEST SELLING BONDAGE AUTHOR REESE GABRIEL. Erica is a beautiful freshman willing to do anything to be popular at Compton College. Triple Omega sorority promises her all she can handle. But for a price! As part of the new pledge class, the sexy eighteen year old learns she must serve and obey, offering up her perfect young body for abuse, discipline and humiliation at the hands of the senior Omega girls, as well as the lustful, sadistic boys of their brother fraternity, Triple Alpha. Treated little better than animals, Erica and her roommate Cassie must wrestle with their own inner desires to submit. And fight they must! They soon discover that Triple Omega is more than a social organization. It is a recruiting arm of a notorious white slaving ring specializing in training pretty American girls to grovel at the feet of foreign criminals and terrorists. When the girls disappear from school, it's up to Erica's mother, the lovely and submissive divorcee Deborah, as well as Cassie's father Robert, a retired mercenary, to find the girls. Even as the two close in on the missing girls, Robert must deal with his own desire to conquer the more than willing Deborah. The clock is ticking as the unlucky captives are on a crash course with their destiny.