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A Centaur for Libby

A novel by

Perky public defender Libby Daniels has had some weird cases in her time, but an indignant centaur talking to police steeds on the courthouse plaza? The gorgeous Markos is pretty insistent, though, and the fact that he has two legs like everyone else just proves his point - he has come to Earth in disguise from his native Constellia, Land of the Zodiac Signs, to secure a lawyer for a trumped-up murder charge sponsored by his enemies, the killjoy Scorpos.Markos' plan is simple. Get the luscious Libby into bed, addict her to his supernatural brand of lovemaking then whisk her off to Constellia for the trial. Being a true Sagittarian, he's arrogant enough to tell her this up-front. A levelheaded Libra like Libby should be able to resist, but the fact is she craves a beast strong enough to sweep her off her feet.But... if Markos is acquitted, he goes free in his half horse form, forever separated from the woman he now realizes he cannot live without. Any hope for a happily-ever-after for these two beings from different worlds lies entirely within the magic of the Zodiac.