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Azar's Prize

(The third book in the More Than Male series)
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Book 3 in the More Than Male series.

Theryssa is the first female graduate in the history of the Guardian Academy. Her primale genetics, inherited from Theron and Nyssa, make her more than a match for any man. But, when her first mission requires that she allow the notorious space pirate Azar Xenelion to capture her, she finds it is her female hormones she must battle.

Little does she realize that Azar is primale, too. Azar quickly wins her submission, making her his willing sex slave. Theryssa desperately seeks to keep her true identity a secret while carrying out her mission of spying on her new Master.

Just as things are coming to a head, Theron and Nyssa arrive. They reveal that Theryssa's real purpose is not to spy on Azar but to mate with him. He thinks they must have lost their minds to expect him to fall in with their plan.

In the end it will be up to Azar to find the love in his heart to protect his prize and save the galaxy.