book cover of Heart of Frost and Scars

Heart of Frost and Scars

(The third book in the Frozen Fate series)
A novel by

I’m the silent ache, the shadow that lingers, the present from your past, the knife in your heart.

In the chilling finale of the Frozen Fate trilogy, Frankie enters a world far deadlier than the one she escaped.
A sinister threat lurks in the shadows, hunting her with a dark obsession as her savage protectors battle the rules of society.
Thrust into the civilized world, they spiral into violence and refuse to conform, their wild natures threatening to tear apart their bond.
Amid these struggles, her seductive billionaire husband fights to reclaim her love.
Caught between possessive men, a deadly stalker, and a legacy of pain, she must decide her fate.
Choose wrongly, and she’ll lose everything to a monster with a heart of frost and scars.

Tropes: Adult Romance, Age Gap, Alpha Hero, Angsty, Band of Brothers, Billionaire, Boy Obsessed, Close Proximity, Fish out of Water, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity, Found Family, Heroine in Danger, Menage, MFM, One Bed, Poly (3+ people), Protector, Romantic Suspense, Scars, Stalker, Starting Over, Taboo, Touch Her And Die, Tragic Past, Troubled Marriage, Unrequited Love, Why Choose, Will They or Won’t They

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