book cover of Purged


(Book 15 in the Black Light series)
A Novella by

They may not have used the 'f' word, but it didn't matter. She knew she was too fat.

Khloe finally has it all - good friends, a successful acting career, a Dom who loves her, and a bright future ahead of her. Despite that, old insecurities flare after she is turned down for a coveted role. Khloe quickly falls back into old habits that lead down a dark and dangerous path.

If she hurries, she can achieve her goal weight by the time anyone finds out. Because stopping is always the easy part, right?

Black Light: Purged is a short story set in the Black Light world. It gives a candid glimpse into the life of a woman who struggles with eating disorders. For this reason, it could be a trigger for some readers.

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