book cover of Heartless


(The first book in the Interstellar Brides Program: Primal Mates series)
A novel by

From USA Today bestselling author Grace Goodwin comes a scorching Sci-fi alien romance with a strong, yet broken woman who must find the courage to face her fears and two bad to the bone heroes whose only chance at redemption is through love. ALL of Grace's novels can be read as stand-alone books with no cheating and always a 'happily ever after'.

My destiny is not to claim a female, to have a family, to be rendered helpless by love.

Warrior. Doctor. Spy. I am Commander Helion, a heartless terror, relentless and unforgiving. Merciless.

Despite this, I am matched. A beautiful human female is now mine. Despite my warnings, she is determined to leave her mark on me, body and soul.

Honor demands I resist. I tell her the truth. I will not place a mating collar around her neck. I cannot protect her—especially from me—my choices—the horrors I face every day.

One moment of weakness and she gets under my skin, makes me want things I cannot have. She is everything I am not—and the most dangerous creature I have ever faced.

Claiming her—keeping her—is not possible with my pivotal role in this never-ending war. There is no place in my duties for desire. For need. Too many innocents count on me for protection. Too many lives are at stake, including hers.

The enemy is always ready and waiting, but I never expected her to be among them.

For the first time in my hardened life, I question my sanity. My dark soul. I begin to understand exactly what my enemies have stolen from me—and realize there is no limit to what a heartless warrior will sacrifice for love.

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