book cover of Bad Boy Beast

Bad Boy Beast

(The eighth book in the Interstellar Brides Program: The Beasts series)
A novel by

Atlan Warlord Kai, Journal Entry 1578, Earth: I've searched for months. My female, my mate, appeared and disappeared like a ghost, a specter who torments me. Her scent haunts me, body and soul. My beast hangs onto control by a thread. Soon I will lose the battle with mating fever and succumb to the savage fury, the agony turning blood to fire in my veins. Soon, not even our mate will be able to save us.

Warlord Kai knows his mate is out there, somewhere on Earth. She is alone, hunted by both the Hive and the Coalition Fleet's Intelligence Core. Both want information she is unaware she possesses. Knowing she is in danger enrages his beast, pushes him ever closer to madness. There is nowhere he won't go, nothing he won't do, to find her. Protect her. Claim her.

The beast will protect her from friend and foe alike. He knows no mercy, no compromise, no doubt. One look, one touch, one moment spent with the woman destined to be his, and one word repeats like a mantra in his mind...MINE.

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