book cover of Ascension Saga: 8

Ascension Saga: 8

(The eighth book in the Interstellar Brides : Ascension Saga series)
A novel by

Destiny has a problem - a six-foot-three, stubborn, gorgeous, deadly, sex-on-a-stick - kind of problem. While her brain might want to kick his ass across the galaxy, the rest of her wants to jump him like a bouncy house.

Ardor or not, she's hunting a killer. Nix is going all protective, alpha male, claiming she's his mate just because she had a few mind-blowing moments in his bed. And she's trapped deep undercover in the most dangerous place on the planet. If anyone discovers the truth, she'll be dead. But if she gives up now, her mother will be lost forever.

And Nix is about to find out Destiny's dirty little secret... she's even more stubborn than he is.

One Click Now as Destiny and Nix fall deeper into trouble...and love.

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