book cover of Urijah


(The tenth book in the Stone Society series)
A novel by

Two Alpha Gargoyles…

Urijah Aldobrand and Banyan Sorensen spend the first two hundred years of their lives together, first playing as boys, then fighting alongside each other as warriors.

Urijah is searching for a female mate, denying what is in front of him his whole life. He sets off alone, in denial, leaving his best friend behind. A couple of centuries later, life has finally given Urijah what he wants until his best friend betrays him. Devastated, Uri cuts him out of his life.

Banyan spends years silently loving his best friend while not so silently trying to convince him they are mates. When they part ways, Banyan carries on, going through the motions of living as a lone male. Two hundred years later, Banyan has found a life for himself in New Orleans. When he makes a grave mistake, he loses his mate for good.

War is finally upon the Stone Society. Fifty of the Clan travel to Greece for battle, but not all return home.

Banyan, heir to the Norse throne, is now ready to accept the crown. Not only has he kept his promises, but a lifetime of secrets as well. Urijah, at a crossroads, decides to return home, hoping to find himself. Both ending up back in Norway surrounded by family, they each must come to terms with what the fates have in store for them. Will Uri let go of his anger and forgive his old friend? Or will he once again turn his back on a future with his mate?

Author’s Note – This story has been almost 800 years in the making. If you’ve read the previous books in the series, you know Urijah and Banyan have something from their past keeping them apart. In this book, you find out what that is. This story wasn’t an easy one to write, and it won’t always be an easy one to read. I told the story Urijah and Banyan needed me to tell, not the one I wanted to tell. Yes, they finally get their HEA, but they take their sweet time getting there.