book cover of Starting a Ryot

Starting a Ryot

(The third book in the Hounds of Zeus MC series)
A novel by

He's a Gryphon. A Biker mercenary with a troubled past.
She's a Pagan. A virgin on the run with a secret.

Ryker Lazlo, President of the Hounds of Zeus MC, has lived the past twenty years mourning the loss of his wife and unborn child. Spending his time presiding over the MC, Ryker has focused on taking down the Ministry – a worldwide cult – as well as leading his males in their mercenary work. Watching his brothers get a second chance at love is bittersweet. When he stumbles on a woman on the run, Ryker’s Gryphon thinks it’s their turn for another shot at love. Ryker isn’t so sure.

Rhiannon Spencer, pagan outcast, has lived the past ten years raised in societal seclusion. After the death of her mother, her father takes her to live with a group of people who try to snuff out her light. He leaves her in the care of the community leader, and Rhi feels abandoned all over again. When she gets a chance to run, she takes it, and is rescued by a sexy, grumpy biker. Rhi has nothing to offer a rough man like Ryker Lazlo, but her heart wants him anyway.

When both Rhi’s father and the leader of the community search for her, trouble finds Rhi and Ryker at every turn. It takes both his family and some help from the Gargoyles of the Stone Society to keep them alive and out of jail.

Starting a Ryot is written to be read as a standalone, but many readers prefer to read the series in order. The Hounds of Zeus MC is a spin-off/crossover of The Stone Society Series and might contain spoilers if read before Tamian, Book 11.

*Waging War (The Hounds of Zeus MC, Book 1)
*Double the Mayhem (The Hounds of Zeus, Book 2)