book cover of Slade


(Book 12.5 in the Stone Society series)
A Novella by

An honorable Gargoyle, willing to wait. A lonely young man, ready to run. An adventure gone awry in the South Florida sunshine.Slade Ransom has waited two hundred forty-seven years for his mate. When he is tasked with watching over one of his Clanmate's sons, Slade recognizes the attraction he feels for what it is - the mate pull. Slade enjoys being around the teen, but the more time he spends with Matthew, the harder it is to not claim the young man. Even though Matt has turned eighteen, Slade does what he thinks is best and puts space between them.Matthew Hartley's life is finally looking up. He has a family who loves him, a scholarship to play basketball for The University of Georgia, and a smoking hot Gargoyle bodyguard who has become his best friend. When Slade starts ghosting Matt, the teen doesn't understand what happened.When Slade realizes he was wrong in staying away from Matt, he takes steps to get them back on track. While the two are on vacation in South Florida, things don't go as planned, and Slade fears he has lost his young mate before ever getting the chance to claim him.

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