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Red Hot Valentines

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An erotic collection of stories to steam up your Valentine's Day...

Five Easy Chocolate Pieces: Troy Pettifer is a broken-hearted worker at a chocolate shop bemoaning his lot on the day before Valentine's Day. A customer comes in for five chocolate-covered cherries, and later comes back just as the store is closing for much more. Troy submits to the handsome man's orders and realizes he may not have to be alone on Valentine's Day after all.

Candy Hearts: Dean Thomas grew up in a homophobic family. He has spent his adult life hiding who he is. Now he's ready for a new start in a new town. Jesse James Dalton gave his heart away and had it broken. But when he walks into his twin sister's bakery, Sweet Things, and sees the town's new veterinarian, his heart gets a jolt. Is it enough to let go of the past and try again?

Young Man and the Sea: Was there a chance for Fox to find love on a singles cruise for both gays and straights? Kenny seemed an alluring prospect, if a bit young, but he was only legally single. He was aboard the ship with his boyfriend, who had a determined agenda. Was Fox to remain odd man out on a romantic cruise... or were things less hopeless than they seemed?

Stupid Cupid: Valentine's Day had to be the most useless of all holidays. It wasn't even real - just a day made up by greeting card manufacturers. That's what Brandon thought anyway. Nothing in any of his relationships over the years had ever caused him to change his mind. When good looking young newspaper man Jeremy literally falls into his lap one day, Brandon is intrigued by the man and does everything he can to attract his interest. But when a misunderstanding threatens their new found happiness, Brandon takes an unusual step to get Jeremy to forgive him by giving him a Valentine's Day he'll never forget.

Cara Darling: Scott Matthews drops in on the Heroes and Rogues boys for a spring fling and as soon as he sees Cara, he knows his broken heart has found its home.
Cara isn't another old lady. She's the broad of all broads. Wearing the title of Mama or the club's sheep, Cara has been passed around more than a jar of moonshine, but for some reason, Scott wants her.
And she's not about to turn a good man down.

Generous Reception: Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Daniel's mother is getting ready to walk down the aisle with her longtime--and socially conservative--beau on the most romantic day of the year. Though he is happy for her, Daniel is worried about naming the date he'd like to bring to the ceremony...his longtime boyfriend Scott.

To Love, Honor, and Trust: Cooper and Wyatt seemed perfectly matched, the ideal couple until Cooper found out one crucial bit of information he hadn't known about Wyatt, and his trust was shattered entirely. Now it looked like they would be spending Valentine's Day - and the rest of their lives - apart. Was there any way Wyatt could salvage their relationship?

The Right Combination: Gabriel has finally fell in love. When he met Mario something clicked and the two men fell in love at first sight. Gabriel told Mario everything about his best friend Izzy and Mario couldn't wait to meet her. Unfortunately Izzy's reaction to them together was not what they were expecting.
Will Izzy's reaction ruin the best thing to happen to Gabriel and Mario?

Cupid, Inc: When Dexter takes a job at Cupid, Inc., a male hook-up website, he never imagined that he'd find the one man who'd been haunting his dreams--a handsome young Graduate Assistant named Zack who was advertising online for a date. Dexter's best friend Candy talks him into answering the ad, not as himself, but as X, a sexy, edgy young man who is nothing at all like Dexter. Will Zack find out that X is just Dexter, dressed up in sexy boots, leather pants and makeup? Will it make a difference? And will Zack and Dexter find their way to true love?