book cover of Kensington


(The seventh book in the Adlers series)
A novel by

This book is intended for Mature Audiences. If you don’t enjoy steamy sex scenes, this isn’t the book for you.
After working nonstop for almost a decade, Hollywood heartthrob, Kensington Adler is ready for a break. When one of his brothers arranges for Kensington to vacation at the luxurious hideaway on ShadowDance Mountain known as the cabin, he is shocked by what he finds. Built into an old mine, the beautifully decorated, high-security fortress is the perfect place to enjoy some much-needed downtime while he decides what to do next.
As a shifter, Kensington has spent his life avoiding humans while in his wolf. Keeping his distance when a truck stops on a nearby bridge, he watches two men toss a rolled-up tarp over the edge, driving away as the bundle rolls down the boughs of a large tree, landing in the icy river. The woman who emerges sputtering from the tarp changes everything.
Denali Weston has been a wilderness guide since she was sixteen, but she’s never encountered a group like the trio tramping up the mountain behind her. Peter Slavich’s true intentions come to light after his bodyguards toss Denali’s tarp wrapped body off a bridge, leaving her for dead.
Keeping Denali safe is going to require a team effort, but in the end, it will all come down to one person and a deadly blizzard.

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