book cover of Claiming Abby

Claiming Abby

(The third book in the Club Isola series)
A novel by

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions some may find offensive. Sexual explicit content. MFM
Please note this book is a re-release of the original 2013 book. The changes made are improved editing, story flow and beautiful new covers. ENJOY!
Waking up in the trunk of a moving car isn't how Abby Garret had planned to spend her evening. When she discovers the tracking devices she was wearing are missing, she fights off her rising panic and manages to escape. Abby's recent discoveries are set to turn the world's energy industry on its ear and it appears not everyone is as interested in renewable energy as they claim.
After rescuing the young woman they have been waiting years to claim, Doms Kalen Black and Logan Douglas discover claiming and managing are not necessarily one and the same. Nothing with Abby is ever easy and keeping her safe is no exception.
It's going to take everything Kalen and Logan have to keep Abby out of harm's way and win her heart at the same time. Abby's habit of thinking out loud and her use of colorful expressions make her a fun heroine that Avery Gale readers are sure to enjoy.

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