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(The sixth book in the Adlers series)
A novel by

This book is intended for Mature Audiences. If you don’t enjoy steamy sex scenes, this isn’t the book for you.
Book Six in Avery Gale’s new paranormal romance series is the perfect blend of both new and familiar faces. There’s plenty of magic and the hysterical mayhem only Tobi West can bring.

No good deed goes unpunished.
When Asia Adler agrees to oversee the sale of the estate in Europe her new sister-in-law inherited, she never expected to find herself caught in the crossfire of a trifecta power struggle. A group of magicians known as the Guardians of the Secrets, members of the Knights Templar, and criminal forces, hellbent on finding a lost treasure—no matter the cost—are all competing with varying degrees of integrity.
The man she’s been seeing keeps morphing into someone new, her siblings are working overtime to drive her insane, and her job at Adler Oil is threatening to take over her life. Her weekend getaways with Franklin Cordesi are the only thing keeping her from spinning over the edge.

Franklin Cordesi knows he will have to tell Asia the truth about his magical skills… eventually. Like everything else remotely associated with the remarkable woman he considers his, Franklin’s well-ordered plan to unravel the dark magic at the Quan Estate evaporates in a cloud of chaos. His best laid plans evaporate into thin air when Asia realizes, he is deliberately leaving her out of the loop.
An ex who seems to have forgotten that she's an ex, a wild-card grandmother, a dangerously curious former CIA operative, and a girlfriend who is taking way too many chances with what he considers his are enough to push his control to the breaking point. Can he keep everyone focused long enough to break the dark spells? And more importantly, can he keep Asia safe from her sudden penchant for bad decisions?

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