book cover of Another Second Chance

Another Second Chance

(The eighth book in the Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series)
A novel by

The sexy Doms from the Prairie Winds Club are back; and so are their sassy, trouble magnet subs! The 8th book in Avery Gale's wildly popular Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series is full of humor and unexpected turns. Oh... and Lilly West has a new shotgun... what could possibly go wrong?
Guinevere Colbert-Lister's blood is as blue as her sparkling eyes, but she's never been interested in her role as a debutante. Her interest in mechanics and sports car racing is a constant point of contention between Guinevere and her parents. When she accepts a last-minute invitation to fill in for a mechanic at a local race track, her life is forever changed.
Forced into witness protection when she helps free a group being held for sex slave auction in London, Guinevere is reborn as Colbie Clark. She finds herself under the protection of the Prairie Winds team in Texas, but Colbie has never been able to stop thinking about two MI6 agents who whisked her from the local police station in London, interrogated her before escorting her to their headquarters, and then walked away without ever looking back. Agents James and Ford stormed in, and then out of her life within a few hours... but they still haunt her dreams and fuel all of her sexual fantasies.
Walking away from Colbie was the hardest thing either Liam or Bode had ever done. They're on Kent and Kyle West's Prairie Winds team now, and they've spent the past year watching and waiting to bring her into their lives. But, Colbie proves herself every bit as challenging as the Wests' feisty wife, Tobi. Liam and Bode's carefully cultivated plans are tossed aside when it appears the head of the sex trafficking ring bent on making an example of her have finally found their petite target. Can they keep her safe despite her penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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