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To Touch A Woman

(The second book in the Three Kinds of Wicked series)
A novel by

Edward and Margaret Sinclair are very much in love and would be deliriously happy in their marriage except for one thing " as good Victorians, neither have had much experience with the marital act. As a result, sex is painful for Margaret and frustrating for Edward. They encounter a mysterious stranger named Trey who may be able to help them solve their problem. However, both husband and stranger will have to make love to Margaret if Edward is to learn how to touch his woman.

What could be more fun than having two sexy lovers dedicated to your pleasure? Margaret Sinclair is a lucky woman. I hope all my readers can be so lucky.

Alice Gaines has been writing erotic romance since its beginning with Secrets, Volume 1. She likes strong heroes with a tender side to them and heroines who can keep their men in line. When she's not writing hot, hot romance, she enjoys cooking and vegetable gardening. She loves to hear from readers at

Edward clenched his jaw shut and stared at the floor. After a moment, he lifted his gaze to the man across the room. Mr. Treveylan walked across the room and put a hand on Edward's shoulder. Her husband stood up, and the man"no more than a stranger"took his place.
She scooted back against the headboard, clutching the covers.
"Mrs. Sinclair, he began. "Margaret. Your husband didn't make the decision lightly.
"What decision?
"You see, the marital act comes naturally to lesser animals, but it's something men and women have to learn.
What a ridiculous situation. She could have laughed if the whole thing weren't embarrassing. Here she sat, with a stranger sitting on her bed, while her husband looked on. Edward had come to some sort of decision, and now the man she'd only just met was delivering a lecture on the marital intercourse.
"Neither of you have had any experience, the man went on. "So, you're having a difficult time.
"And so, my husband has come to some decision, but you won't tell me what it is. She glanced from him to Edward and back. "The two of you are making my head spin.
Mr. Treveylan reached to her temples again, much as he had in the carriage. She lost herself in his dark gaze again. How could she not? He had some kind of power that could drain you of all tension. Odd that such a handsome man could also be soothing. A balm to absorb pain and worry by the mere power of his presence. As in the carriage, she allowed him to touch her, and the same heat passed from his hands to her skin. She sighed as it rolled through her, softening her shoulders and warming her heart.
This time, he brought his mouth to her forehead and gave her the most innocent of kisses. It created a feeling of safety, but something lay underneath. Something laced with pleasure and danger.
He pulled back and stared into her face. "Do you trust me?
"Yes. The word came out without thought, and yet, she wouldn't have taken it back if she could. The danger he offered might singe her, but he'd put out the fire.
"Your husband"Edward"wants me to show you how to enjoy your own body.
"He wants me to make love to you, he said.
All the air went out of her. Edward wanted her to do that with him? She looked at her husband. "Is this true?
"I don't want it, Edward answered. "But, if it can help...
"I don't believe it. She turned back to Mr. Treveylan. "And, you agreed?
"Only if you want me to.
Well, at least she had some say in the matter. In fact, it appeared all three of them had to consent or nothing would happen. Could she do this? Did she want to? How could you even decide something like that?
"Kiss me, she whispered.