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MJ Fieldss love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter and they sold it to family members. She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 2013. Today, she has completed four self-published series, The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, and The Men of Steel series. The Norfolk series has one title self-published so far and Ties of Steel, book 1 ABE releases October 28, 2014.

MJ is a bestselling erotica author and former small business owner, who recently closed the business so she could write full time.

MJ lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.
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Men of Steel
   0.5. Forever Steel (2014)
   1. Jase (2013)
   1.4. Men of Steel: Novella (2013)
   1.5. Jase and Carly (2013)
   2. Cyrus (2013)
   3. Zandor (2014)
   4. Xavier (2014)
   5. Raising Steel (2015)
   6. Bella (2019)
   7. Forever Family (2014)
   8. Family (2014)
   9. Raising Steel: Momma Joe (2015)
   10. Steel Couples (2017)
   The Men of Steel Anthology (2015)
Ties of Steel
   1. Abe (2014)
   2. Dominic (2015)
   3. Eroe (2015)
   4. Sabato: The Cross (2015)
Summer of Sins (with Ripp Baker, Daryl Banner, Chelsea Camaron, Angelica Chase and MX King)
   The Original Sin (2015)
Rockers of Steel
   1. Memphis Black (2015)
   2. Finn Beckett (2015)
   3. River James (2016)
   4. Billy Jeffers (2016)
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