book cover of The Wounded

The Wounded

(The third book in the Nogud Legacy series)
A novel by

I was in a hurry. This morning I was on the path from Paul's place to the village square. I was moving as quickly as I could without actually running. A little while ago, just after breakfast, there was a knock at the door of Paul's farmhouse, and after a quick exchange with the person who had come, Paul's woman Amanda rushed to the dining table and said that two women in tunics and hoods had appeared in the village and were now sitting beside the fountain in the square. I was on my feet in an instant and out the door as quickly as I could put on my shoes.

This horrid tradition of the women called Nogud, forced to hide from humanity in these tunics and hoods, was going to end. I was going to end it soon. And whoever was responsible was going to answer for what they'd done.

Today was the thirteenth day since I'd arrived in the village of Bonvale. Prior to that I'd been in an induced hibernation for a little over 800 years, since the time of the cataclysm involving the eruption of the super volcano in Yellowstone and the subsequent massive earthquakes along the west coast subduction fault. The cataclysm started in the year 2070; it was now 2903, as far as we could figure, 833 years later. And today was Sunday.

Before the end of the week I would put an end to this.

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