book cover of The Warrior

The Warrior

(The fifth book in the Nogud Legacy series)
A novel by

This should be fun. It's time to move beyond the eight villages and see what's left of the world, eight-hundred years after the cataclysm. First I'll head east to the largest city that we know about. It's bigger than any of the Eight Villages near Bonvale. Then we'll take off for what used to be the largest city in the state, off to the west. Here was an international airport there. I don't know what we'll find. The girls and I will be ready, but I don't expect a picnic. No matter what happens, I expect that we'll find a way to have some fun. I'll take the little nymph, Ellie, just to make sure. I wish I could take all of them but I can't.
This is the first step toward exploring the world of the 30th century. And the first step toward finding out what happened to my family, 900 years ago.
Clarice and Brenda and the nymphs are getting the vehicles and weaponry ready now. The twins and I are training. We move out in a day or so. Well, that's the plan, anyway. We'll see. This is Book 5 of the Nogud Legacy.

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