book cover of Do Not Feed After Midnight

Do Not Feed After Midnight

(The third book in the Honest Attractions series)
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The Honest Attractions books usually don't have to be read in any particular sequence. It's a collection, not a series.

My buddy, the self-described image consultant, wanted me to meet one of his clients. All he would tell me was that she was 'odd' and he thought I should meet her.
We got along great. She was easy to talk to. I liked her a lot. There was an honest attraction. But after coffee, when she tried to pay me for the hour and a half we spent together, I realized that where I thought this was a date, she thought it was an appointment. She thought she had been referred to me as a relationship coach. So we started over. As friends.
But my buddy was right. She was a little odd. Six-feet tall. A professional volleyball player. And she gave me three strict rules about dating her.
  1. Don't expose her to bright lights.

    Don't get her wet.

    And Never feed her after midnight.
I'd do my best. I had no idea why.
The other thing that I found odd was that she didn't tell me her name.