book cover of Hannah\'s Dom

Hannah's Dom

(The third book in the Doms of Madison County series)
A novel by

Jake finds a woman on the side of the road, unconscious and close to hyperthermia. He rushes her back to the club and into his personal condo. His first course of action is to get her warm, and then he’ll worry about why she wouldn’t awaken.

When she starts to wake up, his first look into her eyes makes his heart beat faster. She would be his submissive and he wasn't even been looking for one. When things get misunderstood, he almost loses the best thing he’d ever had.

The more time Hannah spends with Jake, the more her love for him deepens. The problem is that she isn't good enough for a man like him, but she still wants to spend every minute she can with him before he pushes her away. And he would, but at least she’d have some memories to tide her over for the rest of her life.

The time to leave comes sooner than she had expects, and she can't believe how painful it is to let go, but she always knew that he would leave. She just hadn’t anticipated how it would damage her soul.

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