book cover of Claimed by the Hunter

Claimed by the Hunter

(The third book in the Carnal Lust series)
A Novella by

Nicole still didn’t quite believe that she lived with real live shifters and always thought they were fairy tales. Getting used to her friends and their shifter mates took some doing. It disrupted her whole life because her friends had to mate several times daily. It was something that drove her crazy, but at the same time, she felt a little envious.

When her mate found her, Nicole ran. Dammit, she didn’t have time for this. She didn’t know the guy could follow her scent easily, and there was no place to hide. She didn’t care that he was the best male specimen she’d ever seen. She didn’t want to be controlled by sex.

Hunter knew how hard the situation was for his mate. He tried to help her deal with the mating heat and emotions the best he could. The thought of her wanting to leave him was enraging. He knew it couldn’t happen, but the thought of her wanting to be away from him was enough.

He would do everything in his power to make her accept this way of life. There was no other option for both of them.

The first book in the CARNAL LUST series can be found in the ALPHA MALE anthology.

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