book cover of Falling for Mr. Hyde

Falling for Mr. Hyde

(The third book in the Finger Licking Monsters series)
A novel by

I have one task: assassinate headmaster Hyde. Instead, I surrender to his cruel punishment... and beg for more.

When the Magic Council threatens to deport me, I must agree to their demand I kill Mr. Hyde, Headmaster of Luxior Academy. I am the least qualified shapeshifter for the job. I've never killed so much as a spider.
Hyde is a devious opponent, and he has a powerful, terrifying monster on his side.
Suspicious from the start, they force me to shed my disguise, stripping away my only advantage. We hunt each other, and the deadly dance soon becomes a sensuous play of power and seduction.
As Hyde tries to uncover my secrets, his skillful hands prying at my hidden places, I search for his weak spots. It is my fatal mistake. Instead of weaknesses to exploit, I find a man who is devoted, passionate, and as hard as steel. I don’t want to kill him.
No, I’d rather kiss him. Kneel for him. Surrender to anything he - or his monster - commands. I could even be tempted to risk my life to save them.
The stakes are high, and even though I'm in over my head, I need to play dirty to win this game. The problem is, headmaster Hyde wrote its rulebook.

This is a paranormal romance novel with a HEA and adult content. MFM = male, female, monster. It is a standalone. Each book in this monster romance series follows different characters.

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