book cover of Twisted Redemption

Twisted Redemption

(The second book in the Dark Luxuries series)
A novel by

Memories are an odd thing.
Even the good ones can become tainted, and when they do, they haunt you forever.
And that's where I find myself—haunted.
By my late father's lectures.
By my ex-fiancé's taunts and past actions.
And now, by my childhood best friend's glares.

All I wanted was my own happily ever after. Instead, I got a broken heart, a best friend who hates me, and an ex who seems determined to wreak even more havoc in my life.

I've stayed on the sidelines for long enough, pining for a woman I wanted but couldn't have.
And now, when the chance to have her finally comes along, life has gotten in the way
But for some reason, that's not enough to stop me.
I used to tell myself that being in Brooke's life was enough. But after one touch—one taste—I know that's not true.
I may have hurt her, but that won't stop me.
Nothing can stop me.
Brooke belongs with me, and I'll do anything to make her see it.

Twisted Redemption is a dark, steamy, suspenseful romance with friends to enemies to lovers themes. The couple has its own HEA at the end of the book, although the storyline of the Dark Luxuries Trilogy continues in book three.
This book can be read as a standalone.

This book contains darker themes. Please see the TW inside.

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