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Dark Admirer

(The second book in the Watchers series)
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Book two in The Watchers Series

Out of all the angels, Anael is the most beautiful and virile. A creature of fire, Anael burns with sexual intensity and simmering, dark passions. He is the angel whose duty it is to foster human sexual relationships.

When Anael is sent to Earth at the time of the creation of mankind, he cannot help but notice the pleasure his powers and gifts brings to men and women. A pleasure he would dearly love to experience for himself. But to do that, would mean to fall from grace.

Like his other brothers, he falls into sin, delighting in the pleasures of the flesh. When he finds himself hurled from Heaven to heed the callings of a desperate man anxious to find a woman, Anael is only to willing to oblige him so he can end his curse. Only somewhere along the way, he takes a wrong turn and finds himself alone during a snowstorm with a woman he's immediately drawn to - a woman he wants sexually. But it's more than just a burning desire for sex. For the first time Anael feels a stirring in his heart as well.

Eve Parker is lonely. She's new in the city and hasn't had an easy time making friends or meeting men - especially the kind of men she dreams about. A self described 'geeky bookworm', she takes solace in reading romances and daydreaming about her fantasies, fantasies about being the object of desire for a muscle bound God and all the hot sex he can give her. But gorgeous men don't become sexually obsessed with chubby nerds who are awkward around the opposite sex.

But when Anael discovers that the man he's helping to find true love is destined to be with Eve, Anael quickly changes his mind and strikes a deal with the devil.
Now handsome again, with a voice that can woo and seduce, he sets out to make every fantasy of Eve's come true. But the devil always gets his due, and Anael is left wondering when he'll have to pay it and what the price will be.

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