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Griff's Christmas Angel

A Novella by

Fifteen years ago, Griff and Bay were a couple. Everyone said they were perfect for each other, including themselves. Griff knew just what Bay needed, if it wasn't what she always wanted. Hard, long bare bottom discipline, mixed with a generous dose of love and tenderness. They would never be apart.

Except real life doesn't always work out that way, and one day the couple that could never disagree didn't see eye to eye. Griff walked out, and Bay didn't call back. Several months later, Bay left town for another life, a new career. She left small town Maine, and Griff Margolis, in her past.

Fifteen years later, Bay is back, needing to tie up lose ends after her father's death, and Griff is now the local sheriff. She's never married, nor has he. That doesn't mean anything, does it?

Bay finds out the hard way that the intervening years haven't changed Griff at all. He's still has big and sexy and stubborn as ever. And she finds she hasn't changed either: she still loves him and wants him as much as she ever did. Can "home for the holidays" translated into a Christmas miracle for Griff and Bay?