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Thunder and Lightning

A novel by

Cane is haunted by the alluring scent and exotic beauty of his new neighbor. But as a vampire, he knows that personal encounters with mortals can turn deadly.In truth, Bev is an immortal being, gifted with an extended existence by the Aztec Gods. Not knowing Cane is immortal too, she believes her desire for him is forbidden, though still so tempting!One sultry Savannah night changes their lives forever, as they give in to their unrelenting passion. Secrets are inadvertently revealed, altering both their courses, trapping them in a scorching-hot, doomed affair. When the sins of Cane's past come back to haunt him, putting Bev's newly mortal life in grave danger, Cane becomes her only hope for survival. He's forced to make the most difficult decision of his entire existence. Will saving her soul mean damning her for all eternity?