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High Voltage

A novel by

Lightning crackles all around Serena Lamond in the worst electrical storm she's ever seen. If only she'd stayed in town instead of braving the dark country roads back to her isolated home. But no, with her usual stubborn independence, she'd had to set off in her pickup despite the elements. And now it seems almost as if the lightning is aiming for her, taunting her, forcing her to careen ever more treacherously down the dark road.

Suddenly, a flash of green pierces the darkness just moments before Serena hits the animal that jumps in front of her truck. Is that her neighbor's dog? She can hardly see it in the fierce rain, but she can feel its thick fur as she hefts its injured body into the back of her pickup truck. A shudder ripples through the dog's body, but at least it's still alive.

But when she finally makes it home safe, there's no dog in her pickup.

There's a man.

A naked man.

And the air between them crackles as if the lightning had never stopped... .