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Forever in Her Eyes

A novel by

Rayne has spent centuries protecting the legendary peridot, "The Emerald of the Evening". It is a priceless antiquity that possesses the gift of immortality. But following a heartbreaking betrayal centuries ago, Rayne - an immortal since birth - has given up on finding her perfect match. Until she meets sexy, seductive Dyson. Dyson is more than just a broker of unique jewels. Priceless gems are his passion, but he's looking for something that goes beyond his ideal of "distinctive". The moment he lays eyes on Rayne, he knows he's found a rare treasure. But Dyson has no idea how much Rayne is really worth... When an old adversary pursues Rayne, she knows the safety of The Emerald of the Evening is threatened. But Dyson just might be the one man who can keep her safe and inflame her desire. Is he worthy of the precious gift she has to offer?